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Privacy Statement

This is a personal website. I do not collect any personal data about You. I do however use services below that capture some personal data from You and that's outside of my control.

If you have the “Do Not Track” header (DNT) set , then I will respect that as far as I can, but you should be aware that some of the services I use to provide this website may not. They do not care about you like I do.

Services Used


This website is hosted on Heroku. I have a small database that I used to store the content and other data that is used to generate the content. At this point in time, I store no data about You as I have no means of collecting it. The database is hosted in the EU. I hope the UK remains hosted in the EU.

Heroku will log your IP address, various HTTP information (method, path, host) and a timestamp of the HTTP request. I have no control over the collection of this data. Collecting log data is standard practice for any company that provides hosting services; they have their own compliance and legal requirements that they need to meet and logging this information helps them do that. We all have our cross to bear.

An example of the type of data that they collect is below, it is fairly benign:

Jan 20 10:05:35 herokuappname heroku/router:  at=info method=GET path="/js/minimal.js" request_id=1fd2e272-5b73-4825-b40f-4419aa3c7728 fwd="," dyno=web.1 connect=0ms service=2ms status=200 bytes=3184 protocol=http

Heroku will collect this data regardless if you have the DNT header set. There is nothing I can do about this. Send them a strongly worder letter if you do not like this, but honestly, changing yourself is easier than changing the world. It's more rewarding as well. You get to be all types of people in one life.


PaperTrail is where I have configured all of the Heroku log data to drain into. Papertrail archives this data for seven days before destroying it. I use this data to identify errors on The Site and to help me perform any application debugging where applicable.

As PaperTrail is a backend service, your preference of DNT has no effect. If you visit this site then the log data that Heroku collects, will be sent to PaperTrail. All data seven days old is permanently deleted from PaperTrail. I'd love to say that there is a profound daoist truth in this, but it's more to do with giving them gold so they can keep the service running.


I used Cloudflare for DNS and SSL. In order to provide this service cloudflare will place a cookie on your machine. They have fully documented what their “__cf” cookie is for. Some people don't care for Cloudflare; I really don't have an opinion on this.

Google Analytics

I use Google analytics so that I can get insights and metrics about this website. If you have the DNT header set, then I asure that you will not be subject to Google Analytics tracking code. That being said, who knows what Googles's up to?. I doubt even Google knows that. I asked Google, I said “what are you up to?” Google responded with “Just learning some riddles”. Of course you are Google, of course you are.